Brazilian Waxing

What is a Brazilian Wax ?

A Brazilian Bikini Wax at Platinum Skin Removes the pubic hair from your bikini area and both your front and backside. Many clients choose to leave a small strip of hair in between normally shaped as a square or triangle. Brazilian waxing as well as our more permanent option of  Brazilian laser is one of our highly sought after treatments. You can trust you are in good hands with our experienced medical esthetician waxers!
How long does my hair have to be to have a Brazilian Wax?

We Typically recommend that you have 2-3 weeks of hair growth in order to have a Brazilian Wax. If you are able to grab the hairs with your fingers and pull them, then we are able to wax the hairs! About 1/4' is required for a good thorough wax and usually for a first wax a bit longer is better as the wax is more than likely to get all of the growing hairs. 

Brazilian Wax $68