Signature Luxury Facial Treatments

At Platinum Skin I believe that beautiful skin begins with healthy skin. I would love the chance to improve, pamper, nourish and maintain your skin with some of the very best professional skincare treatments and products available on the marketplace today. I understand most skincare menus are hard to choose from if your not familiar with our treatments or even what your skin requires. This is why our Facials are always customized to our clients unique skincare needs! 

I normally recommend my clients best place to start is to book a skin consultation, this is where I get to know you and your skincare needs. Afterwards we can give our professional suggestion on which treatments and at home care would be best suited for you. I always book enough time with each skincare consultation to move forward with a treatment that day as well give our at home recommendations/ aftercare so that you can maintain and enhance your results.

I have created our menu so there is a treatment for everyone and every skin type. Each Facial is designed with a professional exfoliation with either Microdermabrasion, Organic fruit enzyme exfoliation, Light peels & Dermaplaning. I completely customize a  range of professional products to take your skin to the next level.

We proudly use Image Skincare and other Professional only products in our treatment rooms and in our retail selection. IMAGE Skincare products are developed and formulated by internationally recognized chemists working together with a board of physicians to create the best most effective products on the market. 


New! Dermaplaning Facial $110

A Dermaplaning facial treatment removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz to reveal smooth flawless skin. 

Bio-Molecular Facial $140

This next generation facial incorporates organic fruit enzymes that help to both exfoliate as well as hydrate the skin with botanicals, anti aging peptides, anti-oxidants and Volcanic Japanese water!

Platinum Skins Signature Facial $110
Repair, Rejuvenate & Restore your skin with a customized facial created for your unique skincare needs. All Facials include Microdermabrasion with built in red or blue light therapy followed by O2 Steam, Galvanic and High Frequency and the use of our professional top of the line products designed to reduce fine lines, boost your collagen and leave your skin feeling both repaired and rejuvenated!
This Facial is designed for all skin types.

Platinum Organic Enzyme Peel Facial $130
This luxurious treatment contains an organic blend of pumpkin and fruit enzymes to polish and perfect dull skin. Plant derived stem cells protect cells and slow the aging process while powerful peptides stimulate collagen for instantly firmer looking skin. 

Skin Indications:  Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Loss of Elasticity, Dull or Sallow Skin, Sensitive

Oxygen Infusion Micro Facial $120
Microdermabrasion meets oxygen therapy for instantly radiant skin. A traditional microdermabrasion treatment is followed with revolutionary oxygenating masque and stem cell infusion leaves the  skin exfoliated, oxygenated and illuminated. This facial is a great choice for brides to be prior to their wedding day or any special event you need to look your very best!

This Facial is designed for all skin types.

Anti Aging Peel & Microdermabrasion Facial $150
Advanced aging call for advanced treatment. This Powerful treatments starts with Microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells to allow a deeper penetration of out anti-aging blend of glycolic acid and retinol, followed by a hydrating Vitamin C masque and infusion of plant derived stem cells for advanced results.

Skin Indications: Advanced Aging, Pigmentation, Acne scarring and Severe Photo Damage

Organic Enzyme Micro Peel Facial $150
Take your Microdermabrasion to the next level. This organic blend of fruit enzymes and skin correcting peptides leave the skin nourished, plump and hydrated after a traditional microdermabrasion. Micro helps to remove dead skin cells, Once the skin cells are removed the enzyme peel penetrates evenly and much more effectively, the solution contains highly active ingredients like plant stem cells, plant botanicals, peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and fruit enzymes. Your skin will literally glow from within after this advanced facial.

Skin Indications: All Skin Types

Face & Body Micro Facial $140
Full Face, Neck and Chest diamond microdermabrasion with red or blue light therapy, Red light gives anti aging benefits while blue fights acne bacteria. This treatment is made for clients that wish to rejuvenate their upper body and help diminish the effects of the sun. After the Microdermabrasion we pump the skin full of lightening agents and hydrators to plump up the skin for anti aging benefits as well as lighten pigmentation.

Skin Indications : Pigmentation, Sun spots. Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Back Rejuvenation Treatment $115

The ultimate relaxation treatment combined with A professional & clinical exfoliation  peel to treat either pigmentation, acne, clogged pores, black heads or hydration issues. This is the ideal treatment to treat yourself to a relaxing but effective back rejuvenation session. Combining hot towels, warm steam, customized skincare products based upon your unique needs as well as professional exfoliation, high frequency and a massage makes for the perfect relaxation treatment.