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Your Eyebrows act as a frame for your eyes and balance your face, They can transform your appearance and are one of the most identifying features that help make you look like you. Properly shaped eyebrows have the power of giving a more youthful appearance as well as brightening your eyes and face. We understand the importance the Brow has on your overall appearance, You can be rest assured at Platinum Skin we have your brows best interests at heart! This is why we use a Natural Hard Wax for our Brow Waxing Needs, Hard Wax adheres to your hair and does not cause the irritation strip wax can.

We specialize in helping clients Regrow, Reshape & Help our clients see and understand how great their brows can look with proper shaping and the right education! We don't believe you can expertly shape someone's eyebrows in under 5 minutes so please a lot 20-30 minutes for this service.

Eyebrow Tinting is a great option for anyone who wants to  cover grey hairs and even bring out a better eyebrow shape, We recommend most of the time for clients to Tint their brows this way your brows can look their very best! Tinting should always look natural, We carry a wide variety of custom colors from light blonde, medium brown to a riche chocolate brown to red! Whatever color best suits you will be determined by your clinical esthetician!

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Eyebrow Artistry Hard Wax / Shaping $30

Eyebrow Artistry Hard Wax/ Shape With Tint $45

Brow Henna & Eyebrow Artistry Wax | Shape $53