Platinum Waxing

We are fully certified and experienced Estheticians who believe everyone should experience silky smooth skin! We are proud to offer affordable, quality waxing services in a comfortable and professional environment. Please call and book your waxing hair removal session today!

We offer body waxing for clients who are tired of shaving, have too light of hair for Laser Hair Removal and aim to be hair free!

At Platinum Skin we use only the highest quality hard and soft wax available on the market, These waxes are eco- friendly, 100% All Natural, Biodegradable and polymer (Plastic) free all designed to give you silky smooth skin with little to none irritation!

We are experienced estheticians who love what we do. Our goal is for client's to be as comfortable as possible during the waxing process and enjoy their time spent with us. Cleanliness and sanitation are extremely important in our aesthetic studio, This is why we never double dip and always use disposable wooden spatulas/ sticks!

Before You Wax The Q & A's

Do not shave or tweeze for a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to your waxing session, Ideally we want your hair to be about 1/4 inch long! Just long enough to grab with your fingers. It is very important to have enough hair growth for your waxing appointment. If you can grab the hairs with your fingers, it is long enough to wax!

If you have been on Accutane in the past year you are not a good candidate for waxing, If you are currently on any Retin A, Retinol or Glycolic Acid products in the area to be treated please discontinue use for 5-7 days before waxing that area. 

Most clients assume they have to grow their brows out for weeks in order to have them shaped by us. We would ideally like it if clients could stop tweezing 10 days prior to their eyebrow wax. This helps us see where the brows really grow and will help bring out a better more beautiful eyebrow shape.

If you have just had a fresh airbrush tan it is not recommended to wax right away as the wax will remove the tan from your skin. We can however wax you before one of our beautiful airbrush tanning sessions. 

Please lightly exfoliate your skin the night or morning of your waxing appointment with a wash cloth or loofah, This allows the hair follicle to open up and removes any ingrown hairs!

After your Waxing Session
Please avoid any hot showers, swimming pools or hot tubs for 24 hours after your waxing session. Your Hair follicles are open and your skin is a bit sensitive. Using a cortisone cream is recommended for 1 day after if your skin is feeling a bit irritated.

After a underam wax it is best to avoid deodorant for 24 hours. Your skin is sensitive any avoiding any irritants is always best

If possible please try not to shave your hairs in between your waxing sessions. Each waxing session helps to thin the hair so your hairs are eventually a finer hair. Trimming your hair before your waxing session is encouraged, If your hair is too long sometimes a waxing session could be a bit more uncomfortable. 

Regular exfoliation helps finer hairs break through the skin and helps to remove those pesky ingrown hairs.  If you have alot of ingrown hairs the best option of hair removal would most likely be laser hair removal! You can ask us about this option over the phone or at your appointment.

For the first few waxing sessions you may notice there may be some shorter hairs still left after the wax. We all have 3 phases of hair growth and those hairs may not of been there when you were waxed. As you begin to wax regularly you will eventually train your hairs to get all waxed with each session.

Women's Waxing Pricing

Platinum Brazilian $68
Platinum 1/2 Brazilian $55
Bikini $40
Bikini & Inner Thigh $65
Underarm $20
Full Face $40
Upper lip $15
Neck Area $20
Chin $15
Tummy or Lower Back $27
Areola $15
Hands & Fingers $15
Toes & Feet $15
Abdomen Line $15
Full Leg $85
Half Leg $55

Men's Waxing Pricing

Beard Clean Up $18
Ears $15
Cheeks $15
Back Of Neck $25
Eyebrow Grooming $20
Hands & Fingers $20
Underarms $25
Chest & Abdomen $40
Chest OR Abdomen $25
Full Back $60
Half Back $40
Half Arms $35
Full Arms $65
Shoulders $25
Lower Legs $40
Upper Legs $45
Full Legs $70
Feet & Toes $20